Failure to Launch

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Failure to Launch


Are you (or someone you know) extremely worried about an adult-child living at home and need help? An acclaimed television production company in cooperation with a major cable network is casting a true-to-life, documentary series that explores (and assists) grown adults living with their parents who are struggling to find independence outside of the assistance of their family. This empowering, honest series will work with experts to help parents and adult children explore the core of their issues and gain footing for a healthy and independent future.

CASTING: Are you, your adult-child, or someone you know exhibiting any of the following?

  • Do you need your adult-child out of the house and are desperate for help/change?

  • Are there financial or emotional concerns regarding the adult-child, and their future if something doesn’t change?

  • Not financially independent? No significant employment?

  • Little or no ambition and/or low motivation? Struggles to find direction or a path for life?

  • Resistant and struggles to take on responsibilities or independence?

  • Lack of romantic or social life?

  • Are you or someone you know, worried about what will happen to the parents/child/family if something doesn’t change?

If this resonates with you or someone you know, then this might be an opportunity to make an important and positive change in their life. Selected candidates will receive compensation and expert assistance.

To be considered, please send an email to:

Your name (relationship to adult child), a bio about the family and adult-child, phone and email, social media handles, several photos and any other relevant information.

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